Cochlear Implant in India

Cochlear Implant in India

Cochlear implant surgery in India is at low cost is made available by us. We not only offer you affordable cochlear implant surgery in India with best surgeons, we arrange your entire medical sojourn to India including visa assistance, accommodation, airport transfers and inland transport.

Cochlear implant has two parts:

External part that includes a microphone, speech processor and a transmitter

Internal part (surgically implanted) that includes a receiver- stimulating system fixed to the skull bone behind the ear and electrodes inserted in the cochlea.

Expected results

With a cochlear implant, the recipients may experience wide range of outcomes. For individuals who lost hearing after learning to speak, perception of speech and sound after a cochlear implant may seem quite different initially from what they remember. Though after using it for several months, they would feel it to be more natural and familiar.

In children, who were born deaf, the benefits achieved are quite drastic. While in adults, if the length of time between deafness and cochlear implant is less, the better is the outcome and vice versa.

Time and Cost

You would need about 6 weeks in India for pre-operative evaluations, surgery and initial rehabilitation, which is then carried out by a rehab center in your country for better progress.

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