We are the leader in providing the major gynecological oncology service for all women diagnosed with or suspected to have a gynecological cancer with the goal to deliver the most advanced therapies while focusing on quality of life

The cases are discussed at meeting of Gynae-oncology joint clinic multidisciplinary team. The leading team of dedicated gynae onco surgeons have expertise in performing radical surgeries for all gynecological cancers. The diseases we treat include

conditions that we treat:

• Cervical cancer

• Ovarian cancer

• Uterine (Endometrial Cancer)

• Vaginal cancer

• Vulvar cancer

• Fallopian tube cancer

• Gynecologic Sarcomas

• Gestation trophoblastic disease

• Pervasive disease of the lower genital tract

Why would you consult G-Medlife?

Drop your queries in our Enquiry section and we will reach out to you. Based on your ailment we recommend you doctors and hospitals, provide doctors’ quotes and also give you the cost estimate.

Apart from accommodation options in the country, we also help in visa application, pick up and drop from the airport and keep a tap of all the recreations that you require on your medical tour to India.

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