Head and Neck Cancer

Head and Neck Cancer

Head and Neck Oncology deals with various endoscopic procedures, major and minor resections, organ preservation surgeries, as well as complex reconstructions, including free flaps.

G-Medlife aims to maximize the quality of life of our patients. Our resources are devoted to ensuring maximum comfort to the patient by minimizing the impact of cancer and helping them cope with the side effects of intervention.

Program highlights include:

• Approaches to head and neck cancers focusing on preserving function, appearance and achieving cure

• Advanced radiation therapy and chemo-radiation approaches that limit toxicity and improves results

• Skull base surgery, endoscopic or open, in conjunction with highly experienced teams that work    

• together closely with neurosurgeons and radiation oncologists

• State-of-the-art reconstructive surgery and rehabilitation to minimize the morbidity of treatment

• Intra-operative irradiation for highly (selected) recurrent tumors

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