Liver Transplant in India

Liver Transplant in India

Liver Transplant involves removing the whole or part of the Liver from a deceased or living donor and planting it in a patient suffering from an end stage Liver disease, after removing their diseased Liver.

Liver Transplantation comprises of Surgeons, Anesthetists, Intensivists, Transplant Hepatologists & Gastroenterologists, Diagnostic Radiologists, Interventional Radiologists, Hepatopathologist, Clinical Microbiologists & Infectious Disease Specialists, Nephrologists, Cardiologist, Pulmonologist, Endocrinologist, Dentists, Gynecologists, Transfusion Medicine Specialists, Transplant Coordinators, Clinical Nurses, Clinical Psychologist, Dieticians, Physiotherapists, Medical & Radiation Oncologist, Technicians, Counselors, Specialized Nurses and Quality Control Staff who have exhaustive experience in the management of Gastrointestinal, Hepato-biliary and Pancreatic diseases.

The mission of the team is to provide state of the art services using evidence based guidelines at an affordable cost.

Who can donate?

Doctors, transplant coordinators and other healthcare professionals who form the Liver Transplant team, with their experience, skill and technical expertise select the best donor for a living Donor Liver Transplant.

Potential live Liver donors are carefully evaluated and only those in good health are considered. The donor will be evaluated or cleared for donation by the Authorization Committee. The health and safety of the donor is the most important parameter during the evaluation.

The potential donor should:

Be a close or first degree relative or spouse

Have a compatible blood type

Be in overall good health and physical condition

Be older than 18 years of age and younger than 55 years of age

Have a near normal body mass index (not obese)

The donor must be free from:

History of Hepatitis B or C

HIV infection

Alcoholism or frequent heavy alcohol consumption

Any drug addiction

Psychiatric illness currently under treatment

A recent history of cancer

The donor should also have the same or compatible blood group

How soon does a donor recover after Liver donation?

The surgery and recovery process vary in different cases. If you are thinking of becoming a donor then you should consult the hospital transplant team to understand what to expect. You can also consider talking with other donors.

As a Liver donor, you may stay in the hospital for up to 10 days or longer in some cases. The Liver typically regenerates in two months. Most Liver donors return to work and resume normal activities in about three months, although some may need more time.

How long will my Transplanted Liver last?

Advances in surgery have made Liver Transplants extremely successful. Recipients have been known to live 30 years of normal life after the operation. The five-year survival rate for Liver Transplant patients is approx. 85-90%.

Why choose us?

Highly experienced, dedicated team of surgeons and paramedics

Best Success Rate

Evidence-based, patient-centric, ethical medical practices

Cutting edge technology and top of the line equipment to support the program

Fully automated systems to minimize human error

Unique set-up for pre-surgery planning and virtual surgery in liver transplant patients and donors to make these operations more safe and precise.

State-of the art modular operating theatres designed especially for liver and laparoscopic surgery

 Isolated Ultra-Clean Ventilated Dedicated Liver ICU

Unique infection control systems

Comfortable day-care facilities for minor procedures for out-patients

Dedicated comprehensive international patients' division with door-to-door services and round-the clock interpreter services .

Excellent patient coordination and administrative services support

Conveniently located in the heart of city with a lot of options for stay

Caters to patients around the world and sensitive to their socio-cultural and ethnic needs.

Follow up OPDs in various cities across the world.

Affordable reasonable pricing

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