Neuro and Brain

Neuro and Brain

In India, every multi-specialty hospital does comprise of the following:

• Advanced Aneurysm Treatment Unit (Aneurysms are treated without cutting upon the skull)

• Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery Unit

• Neuro-endoscopy Unit

• Functional Neurosurgery Unit

• Stroke Unit



The treatment options for the epilepsy include:



If your doctors can determine that your seizures always begin in a single area of the brain, removing that part of the brain can stop them or make seizures easier to manage. Surgery can also treat conditions that cause seizures, such as brain tumour.

The procedures included in this approach are:

• Temporal lobe resection surgery

• Functional Hemispherectomy

Deep brain stimulation surgery in India

Deep brain stimulation is most commonly used to treat the symptoms of these common neurological conditions:

1.Parkinson's disease


Brain tumor treatment in India

Treatment of the brain tumour depends upon the size, location and type of the tumour. Following are the most commonly used treatment for brain tumors:

• Craniotomy

• Neuroendoscopy

• CyberKnife

• Radiation therapy

• Tumor Embolization

What are the specializations of the Indian neurosurgeons?

To name a few, the Indian neurosurgeons specialize in stroke, epilepsy, neuro-oncology, minimally invasive brain surgery and image guided neurosurgery, neurovascular surgery, spinal decompression, pediatric brain and spine surgery, neurotrauma, cerebrovascular surgery, minimally invasive spine surgery, spine fixation and fusion surgery, scoliosis surgery, brain tumor surgery, brain aneurysm surgery, movement disorder, brain stem surgery and spine tumor surgery.

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